How Much will it cost? Family Law, Civil Law or Criminal Law

Barrister Direct’s Clerks will offer you a unique legal solution.

Whether you need a barrister for a court hearing, to negotiate with the other side, to provide a written advice, to send a letter, to talk to lawyers, to prepare for court, prepare bundle, prepare particulars of claim or submit documents court. Barrister Direct provides you with a direct access to barristers.

With so many independent barristers available. Barrister Direct will provide you with a special option. Fixed Fees or Fair Fees. What does this mean?

Do I have to pay? 

Yes, unless you are entitled to legal aid. In order to eligible for legal aid please contact a solicitor. For more information please visit Eligibility.

Why should I pay?

Whether you are entitled to legal aid or not. Finding your own lawyer is the equivalent of finding your own doctor. It is important to understand who will be representing you and giving you advice. If you find a solicitor this can be helpful. In exceptional circumstances, a solicitor is needed to assist and liaise with you. However, our litigation authorised barristers can act just like a solicitor. A conference with a barrister will be able to guide you and advise you.

Who gets the money?

If you are instructing as a direct access or public access client. The fee will be agreed to in advance. The fee will include all charges, including the administrative charge and the barrister’s fee. 

What will I be paying for?

This depends, what do you need? If you need advice. The barrister will need to asses the time required to prepare for the advice and then provide you with the advice. This could be in a written format or at a conference, to represent you at court, to negotiate before the court or after court, to give written or verbal advice, to draft and send a letter, to liaise or correspond with the other sides lawyers, to prepare documents  for court, organise & index the bundle, draft the particulars of claim or submit documents court.

How much will it cost for a first hearing?

Depending on how long the hearing is. For a 1-hour hearing, the fee will be between £350 + VAT to £500 + VAT. If you are looking for a more experienced and higher year of call then the fee will increase. However, this depends on the complexity of your case. 

How much will it cost to go to file a claim?

Before filing a claim it is important you have the claim assessed by a specialist barrister. What are the merits of the claim? How do I file the claim? Having an initial conference with a barrister will always help understand the claim better. If the merits of the claim have a high prospect then the barrister will guide you go through the process. At Barrister Direct, we pride our selves in offering Fixed and Fair Fees. For a fixed fee for small claims matter the barrister will cost £1000 + VAT to £1500 + VAT. This will include the initial conference, assistant with the court preparation, drafting the particulars of claim, help with court bundle and representation at the final hearing.

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