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  • Reframing living alone after divorce
    Living alone after a divorce or breakup is a transformative experience. It can bring both challenges and opportunities as you transition to living by yourself for the first time in years, or potentially ever. Adapting to a new lifestyle and redefining yourself outside of a marriage or long-term partnership can be an opportunity to build... […]
    Stowe Family Law
  • How to deal with guilt over a breakup
    Kate Nestor, a divorce and relationship breakup coach at Stowe Family Law, looks at how to deal with guilt over a breakup. Breakups are never easy. Whether you are the one making the decision, or the one floored by your partner’s rejection, the emotions can be overwhelming and difficult to deal with.  And of all... […]
    Kate Nestor
  • The unique challenges of grey divorce
    Senior Associate Ashley Le-Core joins us on the blog to talk about Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford’s ‘grey divorce’ and what might be different about, and the unique challenges of, divorcing later in life. ‘Grey divorce’, also known as ‘silver splitter divorce’, is perhaps a lesser-known term meaning when a couple divorces over the age... […]
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  • Can Depression Cause Divorce?
    1 in 4 people in the UK will suffer from a mental health problem each year, and 1 in 6 people report experiencing a common mental health condition such as anxiety or depression, in any given week. Being in a happy, stable relationship positively impacts on the mental health of the couple, but poor marriages... […]
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  • What to avoid doing on social media during your divorce
    Social media can be an amazing tool for connection, keeping up with family and friends and sharing your own highlights. However, when going through a divorce, it can be tempting to turn to your social pages to vent, or stalk your ex. This is where social media can become more of a risk than a... […]
    Stowe Family Law
  • A guide to Home Rights Notices
    Home Rights Notices in divorce and civil partnership dissolutions The family home is often the most valuable asset in divorce and civil partnership dissolutions. However, marital homes are not always held jointly in both partner’s names. This is when a Home Rights Notice can help. There can be many reasons why the shared home is... […]
    Stowe Family Law
  • Should I stay friends with my ex?
    ‘Should I stay or should I go?’ is a very common question for those thinking about divorce or separation. But what happens when you’ve decided to ‘go’ and you’re thinking about your future relationship with your ex partner? ‘Should I stay friends with my ex?’ might be an important question playing on your mind. One... […]
    Stowe Family Law
  • Starting your divorce with the right negotiation mindset
    Navigating divorce negotiations can feel like a daunting marathon, but starting with clear objectives can guide you through. Here, certified Divorce Coach Chloe O. shares insights into the value of having the right divorce negotiations mindset, including setting achievable goals, avoiding counterproductive language, and finding common ground for a more peaceful resolution. Starting your divorce... […]
    Stowe Family Law
  • Changes to Family Procedure Rules
    From 29th April 2024 there will be changes to the Family Procedure Rules (FPR). The current rules have been in place since 2010 and are being updated to place greater expectation on courts, family practitioners and families going through breakdown to use non-court-based methods to resolve financial and children matters. What are the FPR? The... […]
    Stowe Family Law
  • Does divorce affect your right to ‘sharent’?
    Sharenting after divorce Harmless sharing or a breach of privacy? In this current era of social media, most of us have seen online content featuring other people’s children. Celebrities, influencers, family, friends, and even distant acquaintances, document details of their home lives and the children they’re raising via photos, videos and updates, often referred to... […]
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