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  • What is a consent order?
    A consent order is an order made by a judge in divorce proceedings, where both parties have agreed their financial settlement terms and agree to a financial order being made without the need for a court hearing.  What is a consent order?  Technically, the term ‘consent order’ can refer to any type of court order... […]
    Mark Christie
  • What is financial disclosure in a divorce?
    Financial disclosure in divorce Financial disclosure is the completion of documents that clarify your financial position as part of the divorce process.  Whether you are completing your divorce by negotiating directly with your ex-partner or spouse, through solicitors, via mediation or the courts, both parties should provide full and frank disclosure of their assets and... […]
    James Scarborough
  • How to support teenagers through a divorce
    Support teenagers through a divorce The loss of the known family unit causes emotional upheaval and distress for everyone involved, and there is a wealth of advice out there on how to manage your well-being and that of younger children.  But what about teenagers? (teens) There seems to be less information out there about the... […]
    Stowe Family Law
  • Stowe talks: free webinars for people going through a divorce
    Free webinars for people going through a divorce: You’re feeling confused and lost. Mourning the end of your relationship and anxious about starting the legal process to dissolve your marriage.  Where do I start and what do I do?  You’re looking for someone who will listen, be sensitive and use their expert knowledge to help... […]
    Stowe Family Law
  • What is a separation agreement?
    A separation agreement is a written contract made between couples if their relationship breaks down, which sets out how their joint assets and responsibilities will be divided between them.   Whilst not legally binding as long as it is drawn up properly it is a formal contract that can be challenged in court.  Why would I... […]
    Mark Christie
  • What is a child arrangements order?
    A child arrangements order is a court order that sets out who has responsibility for the care of a child, including who they live with and how often they will see/ have contact with both parents.  Most commonly used in cases where the parents cannot reach an agreement on how to share the care of... […]
    Rachel Fisher
  • What is an occupation order?
    An occupation order is a court order that is used to regulate who can live in the family home.  What does an occupation order cover? The order enforces who has the right to live in the home, who is excluded from it, and it can also regulate who can enter the property and its surrounding... […]
    Mark Christie
  • Surrogacy, a global lockdown and the law
    Understanding surrogacy law: In 2018 we celebrated the first National Surrogacy week which took place between the 1st and 7th August. You may have read our article here.  Last year,  we saw the second year of celebration between 5th and 11th August, which was another great week of raising the profile of surrogacy and the... […]
    Sarah Jane Lenihan
  • What is a Form D84 ?
    What is a Form D84 and when do you complete it in a divorce? The divorce process brings with it a lot of paperwork and forms to complete.  In this article, we will explain what the D84 form is and at what point in your divorce you will need to complete it. What is a... […]
    Phoebe Hill
  • How does conflict during separation and divorce affect children?
    The effect of conflict during separation and divorce on children  Luisa Williams, CEO & Founder from My Family Psychologist joins us on the blog with her advice on how does conflict during separation and divorce affect children?  Imagine that you are about to go on the world’s scariest rollercoaster ride.  You didn’t want to go on it at... […]
    Kate Nestor