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  • Can the court force you to vaccinate your children?
    Can the court force you to vaccinate your children? The continuing roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccination programme has brought back the debate on the safety and long-term implications of administrating vaccines.   Similar to when Andrew Wakefield released his false conclusions that the MMR vaccine could be linked directly to autism,  a minority of people fundamentally... […]
    Mark Christie
  • Crowdfunding your divorce
    Crowdfunding your divorce – good or bad idea?  Online crowdfunding has exploded since it’s humble beginnings back in 1997 when the British rock-band Marillion used the then fledgeling internet to raise $60,000 so they could tour the US. Today, crowdfunding has been behind some of the most successful and some of the most bizarre ideas... […]
    Gabrielle Read Thomas
  • Brexit: the unintended impact on pensions and divorce
    Brexit, pensions and divorce  The end of the Brexit transition period has had well-publicised effects on divorce for international couples, with a sea change in rules determining where parties can get divorced.   However, less attention has been given to an equally important change that may have a transformative effect on pension sharing following an overseas... […]
    Matthew Taylor
  • Stowe guests: Seven tips to survive Valentine’s Day from a divorce coach
    With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we revisit an earlier post from Claire Black from Claire Black Divorce Coaching as she shares her top tips for surviving Valentine’s Day after a divorce. When you’re in the middle of a separation, Valentine’s Day might seem like the last thing you need right now. All those reminders... […]
    Stowe Family Law
  • Family law insight from down under
    Australian divorce law I’m delighted to welcome Head of Family Law, Steven Edward of Australian Family Lawyers to the blog to share his thoughts on Australian divorce law and how the courts deal with financial settlements.  The English/Welsh and Australian jurisdictions have many things in common, but there are two particularly interesting areas where they... […]
    Julian Hawkhead
  • Your roadmap to a healthy divorce
    Your roadmap to a healthy divorce In this instalment of Stowe guests, we are joined by Caroline D’ay, the UK’s leading Therapeutic Change Consultant and creator of ‘Standing Strong’,  a divorcee wellbeing programme from Wellbeing Dynamics.  Having recently joined us at Stowe talks, Caroline is joining us on the blog to share her roadmap to... […]
    Stowe Family Law
  • Egg freezing law: Tick tock – is that my biological clock…?
    Egg freezing law Having postponed a wedding myself due to Covid and hurtling quickly towards my mid-30s, the question of fertility is ever more on my mind.  It seems I am not the only one. A poll of 400 women, conducted by Stowe Family Law, found 6 in 10 were anxious about their chances of... […]
    Hollie Orgee
  • Family courts and coercive control
    Do the family courts understand coercive control? Unfortunately, as a family lawyer, the words “coercive” and “controlling” are ones I hear far too often. But what do these terms mean and how can you evidence this behaviour? This is a question I’ve been reflecting on over the last couple of days following the recent judgment... […]
    Olivia Barry
  • Why are domestic abusers still cross-examining their victims in the family court?
    On the 18th of July, the House of Commons debated the issue of progress on protecting victims of domestic abuse in the family courts. The debate was moved by Jess Phillips, Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley. In order to explain what the debate was about, I’m going to quote quite heavily from it, all quotes... […]
    Stowe Family Law
  • Time to change how the courts handle domestic abuse
    Maybe this year will finally be the year of change for victims of domestic abuse and how the courts handle domestic abuse. On the 5th of January, we saw the second reading of the Domestic Abuse Bill in the House of Lords which will introduce, amongst others, a new definition of domestic abuse, extra protection... […]
    Sarah Jane Lenihan