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  • New Domestic Abuse Bill published
    “Throughout my political career I have worked to bring about an end to domestic abuse. Our new Domestic Abuse Bill will help survivors and stamp out this life-shattering crime.” So tweeted Prime Minister Theresa May, announcing the new Domestic Abuse Bill. Well, it’s a nice idea, but of course nothing will bring an end to... […]
    John Bolch
  • Overhaul for domestic abuse laws announced
    The pledge to overhaul domestic abuse laws was almost two years ago and the public consultation closed eight months ago. Today, 21 January, we are finally seeing the content of a draft bill that is being hailed as a ‘once in a generation’ opportunity* to combat the impact of abuse by campaigners. Sushma Kotecha, Managing... […]
    Sushma Kotecha
  • Family Mediation Week: What are the benefits of mediation?
    Welcome to Family Mediation Week. Over the next 5 days, we will be publishing information about what family mediation is able to offer based around the theme “The storm before the calm”. Mediation is a voluntary process, during the course of which a totally impartial and specially trained mediator or mediators, help separating or divorcing... […]
    Graham Coy
  • The dangers of dealing with complex matters without a lawyer
    These days the public are regularly being told “you don’t need a lawyer for that”. Just a couple of weeks ago I wrote here about a former police officer, Philip Kedge, who has set up a website linking the public with McKenzie friends and who claims that ‘family law does not need lawyers’. And it... […]
    John Bolch
  • A week in family law: Child maintenance changes, Cafcass figures, and more
    It’s been a strangely quiet week for family law news. Perhaps there has been some other big news story happening, I don’t know. Still, I did come up with the following: The NSPCC has said that the law must recognise children as victims of domestic abuse between parents. They point out that Department for Education... […]
    John Bolch
  • Valuing a company established prior to the marriage
    It is a common scenario that one of the main assets of a marriage is a business that was acquired or established by one of the parties prior to the marriage. When the marriage breaks down the court will often order that the value of the business that accumulated during the marriage should be shared... […]
    John Bolch
  • Child ordered to be returned to Turkey despite apparently strong defences
    On the face of it, the father’s two objections to the mother’s application for the return of their son to Turkey in the recent case K (A child : Hague Child Abduction Convention) seemed to have some merit. However, the court still ordered the return. The background facts of the case were, briefly, that the... […]
    John Bolch
  • Stowe guests: 3 things you need to think about if you are considering divorce
    In this instalment of Stowe guests, we are joined by Rhiannon Ford who runs a divorce consultancy in Walton on Thames in Surrey. A former family lawyer, Rhiannon combines her legal experience and work as a personal development coach to provide much needed support to those thinking about, going through or coming out of a... […]
    Stowe Family Law
  • Husband fails to have wife’s financial remedies application struck out
    This is an unusual one, at least in terms of reported cases. As explained by Mr Justice Cohen in the first paragraph of his judgment, the case AR v JR concerned an application by the husband for the wife’s financial remedies application to be struck out on the basis that it was (a), vexatious, and/or... […]
    John Bolch
  • Not all lawyers are self-serving shock horror!
    It’s easy to be cynical. I often am myself. It’s particularly easy to believe in stereotypes, especially if they are likely to attract popular support. One such stereotype is that all lawyers are self-serving, interested only in their fees, rather than their clients, or the common good. It is often suggested, for example, that all... […]
    John Bolch