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  • Stowe guests: Three tips to help children through divorce
    In this instalment of Stowe guests, we catch-up back again with Claire Black from Claire Black Divorce Coaching. Today, she joins us with three tips on how to support your children through divorce (they also work well for adults). Over to Claire to explain more… I see a lot of clients who are worried about... […]
    Stowe Family Law
  • A week in family law: Reviewing child protection, child abduction and a new Cafcass Chief Executive
    My top three stories from the last week in family law. Perhaps the biggest story of the week came from the Ministry of Justice (‘MoJ’), which announced in a press release that a panel of experts will review how the family courts protect children and parents in cases of domestic abuse and other serious offences.... […]
    John Bolch
  • How do I remove an executor from a will?
    A bereavement is bad enough; having an issue with the executor adds to the stress. When you make a will one of the most important things to consider is who you appoint to administer your estate: the executor. This is certainly not a decision to take lightly. Acting as an executor is a role of... […]
    Theo Hoppen
  • The Children Act has more than stood the test of time
    I wrote here back in March about the thirtieth anniversary of the Children Act. My modest celebration of that event has now been joined by another, emanating from a rather more illustrious source: the President of the Family Division, Sir Andrew McFarlane. The President chose the anniversary as the subject for The Nicholas Wall Memorial... […]
    John Bolch
  • The perils of being too eager to recover what you believe you are due
    All family lawyers will be familiar with the phenomenon of the client who has a strong sense of what they are ‘due’ or entitled to when it comes to financial remedies on divorce. Now, there is nothing intrinsically wrong about believing you are entitled to something, whether it be money or property, but a really... […]
    John Bolch
  • A public and bitter divorce battle, there is another way
    “Embroiled in a bitter divorce battle” “estranged wife wins bitter £1.4m divorce battle…” We have all read the tabloid headlines as another super-rich or celebrity marriage ends. High-profile divorce cases come with their own unique issues (scrutiny by the public and media and complex assets to start with) but they do not have to end... […]
    Julian Hawkhead
  • A guide to prenup agreements
    A prenup agreement is a formal, written agreement between two partners prior to their marriage. It sets out ownership of all their belongings including money, assets and property and explains how it will be divided in the event of the breakdown of their marriage. Considered by many as unromantic, practical by others at Stowe we... […]
    Stowe Family Law
  • Mother who abducted child and then tried to hide her ordered to return her to Australia
    As any regular reader of this blog will be aware, reports of cases involving children are usually anonymised to protect the privacy of the child. However, there are occasions when the court decides that it is appropriate to release full details of the case. One such occasion is when the whereabouts of the child are... […]
    John Bolch
  • Do we really need an inquiry into the ‘secret family courts’?
    It is, it would appear at least for now, an academic question, after the Prime Minister rejected calls for it at Prime Minister’s Question Time on Wednesday, but it is still worth asking: do we really need a public inquiry into the so-called ‘secret family courts’? First let’s just remind ourselves who asked for an... […]
    John Bolch
  • A family pet or the beneficiary of your father’s entire estate…
    When German designer Karl Lagerfeld sadly passed away earlier this year, the media reported that ‘many’ people were concerned about the fate of his beloved pet cat Choupette. Well, it seems they should not have been as media reports suggest that she has been named in Lagerfeld’s will. The feline could be set to receive... […]
    Theo Hoppen