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  • High Court allows joint drafting of agreed orders
    The recent High Court case JK v MK and Another: Since legal aid was abolished for most private law family matters in 2013 efforts have been made to provide free or cheap legal services for those who cannot afford to instruct lawyers.  These efforts have come from many directions. Some of them have been well-meaning but... […]
    John Bolch
  • A week in family law: stalking, Cafcass figures and parental alienation
    A week in family law: Stalking protection orders As I reported here in this post, new Stalking Protection Orders (‘SPOs’) have now come into force. According to the Home Office, SPOs will allow courts in England and Wales to move quicker to ban stalkers from contacting victims or visiting their home, place of work or... […]
    John Bolch
  • Your first meeting with a divorce lawyer
    The thought of your first meeting with a divorce lawyer can be daunting and no doubt all sorts of questions are racing through your mind.  You are already in a real state of stress because of your personal circumstances and you feel as though you are about to put your life into the hands of... […]
    Julian Hawkhead
  • The appalling extent of child abuse
    The appalling extent of child abuse: On the 14th of January the Office for National Statistics (‘ONS’) published its first ‘compendium’ of statistics for child abuse in England and Wales, for the year ending March 2019. As it contains some truly appalling figures, I thought I should take a closer look. Better understanding As the... […]
    John Bolch
  • Financial remedies order set aside
    Financial remedies order set aside: A financial remedies order is intended to be final. There are therefore only very limited grounds for it to be set aside, and accordingly, it is very rare for a set-aside to occur. For an order to be set aside twice in the same proceedings is, to use Mr Justice... […]
    John Bolch
  • New protection against stalking
    Protection against stalking: I’ve long thought that to be the victim of stalking must be a particularly horrendous thing. To be constantly in fear and to have your personal life invaded by a stranger is a terrible blight to endure. Sometimes, of course, the victim can suffer for years. And on some occasions, as we... […]
    John Bolch
  • The High Court case Christoforou v Christoforou
    The High Court case Christoforou v Christoforou: As I’ve said here many times, you really never know what you’re going to find when you read family law reports. Who, for example, would ever think that the removal of trees from a plot of land could be the subject of a family law report?  But that was exactly... […]
    John Bolch
  • Mr Justice Mostyn picks his way through the case of the bass player
    Okay, I apologise for the rather poor pun in that post title, but I couldn’t resist. The title is, in fact, appropriate at a literal level, as Mr Justice Mostyn’s judgment in the recent case, CB v KB is an excellent example of a judge methodically going through the steps necessary to reach a financial... […]
    John Bolch
  • I agree with Sally Challen: education is the key to dealing with domestic abuse
    Dealing with domestic abuse: Regular readers of this blog, and indeed regular followers of national news, will be aware of the Sally Challen case. Mrs Challen killed her husband Richard in 2010, by striking him repeatedly with a hammer. She was subsequently convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum tariff of... […]
    John Bolch
  • No direct contact for father who is “his own worst enemy”
    No direct contact for father: All experienced family lawyers have come across it: the parent who is utterly certain that they know best, and who is unable to accept any contrary view. This outlook completely clouds their approach to any dispute over arrangements for their children, and how they deal with court proceedings aimed at... […]
    John Bolch