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  • Support for domestic abuse victims during lockdown
    As we mark White Ribbon Day (25th November) and the start of the UN’s 16 Days of Activism, we revisit a blog written by Shanika Varga, a Senior Solicitor at our office in Leeds who explains five ways victims can access support for domestic abuse during the lockdown Support for domestic abuse during lockdown Most... […]
    Shanika Varga-Haynes
  • Can a trial separation save your relationship?
    What is a trial separation? A trial separation is an informal arrangement between couples who are unsure whether to divorce and have hopes of repairing their marriage and rebuilding their relationship.  They can give couples time to take a step back and get a better perspective on their relationship, without the formality of legal proceedings.... […]
    Stowe Family Law
  • When a narcissist meets an echoist…
    We have all heard of the narcissist. In fact, I have written an article recently on how to identify if you are married to one on this blog. Throughout my years advising clients I have encountered many cases where the narcissist behaviours of one party have dominated the whole relationship leading to an unhappy and... […]
    Julian Hawkhead
  • The rise of death bed marriages, and are they a good idea?
    Are death bed marriages a good idea? On 5th November, England entered a month-long (well hopefully!)  second lockdown in the ongoing response to the COVID19 pandemic bringing the wedding industry into turmoil once again. New government guidelines now state that weddings would not be permitted at all during the lockdown in England unless in the... […]
    Julian Hawkhead
  • Making arrangements for children during Christmas and COVID
    Child arrangements during Christmas and COVID As we approach the end of what has been a truly eventful year, most of us are hoping the Government will relax lockdown rules so we can spend Christmas with family and friends.  Time with loved ones has never felt so important, but, for separated parents, Christmas can be... […]
    Stowe Family Law
  • Understanding coercive control and what you can do about it
    Understanding coercive control: The difference between a healthy relationship and an abusive one isn’t always noticeable – especially when the lasting impact isn’t as visible as a bruise.  But abuse is not always physical and mental abuse is just as damaging.  We asked, Luisa Williams, CEO & Founder from My Family Psychologist, to join us... […]
    Stowe Family Law
  • How will a second lockdown impact relationships
    Sarah Jane Lenihan, Partner at our London Victoria office shares her thoughts on the impact of lockdown one and the potential long-term implications for relationships as we enter the second lockdown. How will a second lockdown impact relationships There was little shock felt as lockdown part two was announced by Boris on Saturday (31st October).... […]
    Sarah Jane Lenihan
  • Stowe talks: free webinars for people going through a divorce
    Free webinars for people going through a divorce: You’re feeling confused and lost. Mourning the end of your relationship and anxious about starting the legal process to dissolve your marriage.  Where do I start and what do I do?  You’re looking for someone who will listen, be sensitive and use their expert knowledge to help... […]
    Stowe Family Law
  • Tips on how to cope with the second lockdown
    As we prepare to enter another lockdown, we asked Luisa Williams, CEO & Founder from My Family Psychologist, to join us on the blog and share some practical tips on how to cope with the second lockdown.  Another lockdown is upon us, and not surprisingly, given the impact that the first phase of the virus... […]
    Stowe Family Law
  • Time to act: Brexit transition and divorce
    Brexit transition and divorce: As the clock ticks ever closer to the end of the Brexit transition period at 11 pm on 31 December 2020, separating couples with links to another EU member states may need to act sooner rather than later. How will divorce law change? Following the UK leaving the EU, rules governing... […]
    Matthew Taylor