Work Experience

We at Barrister Direct appreciate hard work and attention to detail

Writing a blog or an article is a chance to research a subject. Learn a new topic. Offer an opinion on the subject. A very useful skillset.

At Barrister Direct, you will find an additional incentive. If we receive an interesting piece, we may publish your blog on our site. This will be very useful when applying for further work experience, applying for university, applying for a training contract or pupillage.

Multiple entries are permitted. A talented & frequent writer may be rewarded with a unique prize.

We offer a chance to anyone interested in doing Work Experience.



What do you need to do to be considered for Work Experience?

  • Contact the Clerking Team
  • Request a subject or question from one of the clerks
  • Do some research
  • Write a 750 to 1000 word essay
  • Submit your essay here
  • Wait for them to come back to you

What happens next?

If your article is selected by one of the Clerks you will be invited for an interview for Work Experience.



Term & Conditions

Each submission must be solely prepared by the person claiming to have prepared it.

Barrister Direct can freely use the material submitted for any purpose it sees fit, with no restrictions.

The subject of the topic or topics must be confirmed by a Clerk from Barrister Direct.

We have the permission & full rights to publish your writings on our website or any website owned by ShenSmith Group.

We do not offer any endorsements and acknowledge any views the submissions may contain.

We are not mandated to acknowledge any submission.

There is no guarantee when we will respond or confirm an entry.

Rewards and Prizes are discretionary. They can be revoked at any point without warning or reason.

We have the right to remove any publication on our website or any website owned by ShenSmith Group.

If the submission does not fit our criteria it will not be accepted or acknowledged.

The Work Experience will be for a period of 3 days.

The Terms of the work experience would be an agreed to after a successful interview at Barrister Direct.